The Harrison's Range

Harrisons Fine Pellets
Fine pellets are around 3mm in size and suitable for budgies and small parrots
Harrisons Course Pellets
Course pellets are around 10mm in size and suitable for medium to large parrots.
Harrison's Bird Bread
Bird Bread is baked into muffins or a loaf. A nutritious treat food or conversion tool.
Harrisons Mash
Mash is a finely ground product suitable for finches, canaries and budgerigars.
Harrison's High Potency Formula
High Potency is nutrient dense. It's ideal for birds new to Harrison's, or when under stresses such as breeding or moulting.
Harrison's Adult Lifetime Formula
Adult Lifetime is less nutrient dense. It's perfect for maintenance and low-stress times of the year.
Harrison's Pepper Lifetime Course Pe
The addition of a hot pepper flavour to the Adult Lifetime Course variety makes these pellets perfect for birds with a taste for spice!
Harrison's Power Treats
Power Treats are an extra tasty, nutritious treat. Use them for training or "captive foraging".
Harrisons Hand Feeding Formulas
Harrison's Recovery, Juvenile and Neonate formulas are designed for hand rearing chicks or supporting sick birds. Contact us for more information on usage.
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Which Variety is Right for My Bird?

Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Small Parrots:

Start off with High Potency Fine or Mash and Bird Bread Millet/Flax flavour.  Transition to Adult Lifetime Fine after 6 months.

Canaries, Finches:

High Potency Mash, then transition to Adult Lifetime Mash after 6 months.


High Potency Fine pellets mixed into a wet mix using a 4:1 ratio of hot water and manuka honey or corn syrup.

Galahs, Medium Sized Parrots:

Either Coarse or Fine Pellets depending on their preference.  High Potency initially then Adult Lifetime after 6 months.  Bird Bread is a great treat long term and helps with conversion to pellets.

Cockatoos, Large Parrots:

Most prefer Coarse Pellets.  Start on High Potency Formula then transition to Adult Lifetime after 6 months.  Some species like the spicy flavour of Pepper Lifetime Formula.  Bird Bread is a great treat long term and helps with conversion to pellets.