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Birds can be fussy eaters....

We tend to think of pet birds a bit like children....  When it comes to food they don't always make good choices! 

Naturally we all tend to like highly palatable, often high fat foods.  And we often dont like change!   

Your bird is no different.  But with a bit of coaxing birds can adjust to new diets.

They'll love you for it in the end!

Click on the button to read helpful tips for converting your bird to pellets.

Bird Bread Omega is the perfect conversion food.....

We love to treat our birds and parrots love nothing more than a piece of bread.  But regular bread is not healthy.

Bird Bread Omega has great nutrition, tastes good and your bird will think they're getting what you're eating!  

Try some today!

Bird Bread Omega picture.jpg

is your bird a tough nut to crack?

Some birds are stronger willed than others!  Larger parrots that have been eating seed most of their lives will definately try your patience when you're going through the conversion process.  But don't give up - they'll thank you for it in the end! 


The goal is improved nutrition and health.  The addition of Bird Bread Omega to their diet can make a big difference on it's own.  It's more than a treat - it's a valuable source of vitamins and minerals.  So while you're working towards a Harrison's diet, keep using Bird Bread Omega daily.

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