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Harrisons Bird Foods NZ

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What's wrong with seeds?

Pet birds eating a seed-based diet suffer a range of common health problems.  Too much fat & not enough vitamins makes a seed diet like giving your bird takeaway food every day.

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Why Choose Harrison's Bird Foods for My Bird?

Harrison's is the result of decades of research and veterinary experience.  A balanced diet gives your bird better health and vibrancy.  They'll love you for it!

                       Learn more about the science behind the                                                 Harrison's Formulas

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Harrison's - Only the Best for Our Treasured Kakapo

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Harrison's Bird Foods have been in use to help our struggling Kakapo for over 15 years.  The palatability and quality have made it the choice for our Department of Conservation in their work to save these special birds.

To learn more about this amazing work, visit:

Photo:  Lisa Argilla

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